How To Choose Lingerie at the First Time

How To Choose Lingerie at the First Time

Every bride’s attitude is different. Some feel sexy and confident on their wedding night, others are anxious and even worried about how the first night will go.

Even if you are still shy or not too confident about looking open in front of your husband, your wedding night can make him hot and cold with the right lingerie.

Just like choosing a wedding dress, buying first night lingerie or underwear must also represent the woman’s personality. You may need time and proper planning to make the right choices.

First night tips for women, at least start looking for your wedding evening dress a week or two before the appointed day. This is so that you feel sexier on that special night. Here are tips for choosing a bride’s nightgown that can be considered.

1. Buy two different options

Consider buying different lingerie online. The first lingerie to wear when you wear a wedding dress. Then, the second piece of lingerie is worn after the party is over, aka the first night. That way, you can focus more on practicality and comfort in the dress.

Imagine, if the couple wanted to start the game immediately after removing your wedding dress, and found a beautiful lingerie dress worn by the idol’s heart. Of course, your first night and then he will be more fun, right?

2. Color

In general, the first night’s lingerie is white, cream, or ivory. However, for the lingerie used during the wedding ceremony, you should wear white or nude lingerie.

Then, when starting the first night, sexy pastel lingerie will be the perfect fashion to make the bride even cuter.

Alternatively, feel free to choose red, black, navy blue, or other bold colors that offer a seductive and passionate first night. Now for those of you who want to find plus size lingerie wholesale with various shapes and affordable prices, you can buy it at

3. Style and Details

For brides-to-be, buying lingerie for the first night can be a little confusing. Shame, worry, insecurity all mingled together.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to invite a friend or relative who you can shop with and provide the right advice.

Here’s a quick guide to finding the perfect lingerie styles and details for your wedding night.


Bras can come in many variations. Made of stunning chiffon, ribbon, lace, or cup embroidery, choose a size that fits you and makes you feel confident.

  • Teddy

Capable of supporting breasts in a larger cup than a bra, the teddy is shaped like a bodysuit that perfectly lays out your curves.

  • Babydoll

Babydoll type lingerie is usually made of satin, silk, lace, or see-through fabrics. The model seems cute and innocent so it is perfect for women who feel shy on the first night.

  • Corset and Bustier

The lacy corset has the function of showing a woman’s waistline slimmer.

This will create a sexy curve from waist to chest. As the name implies, the corset also serves to enhance the curves of the bride’s body and pushes the breasts upward so that they appear larger.

  • Stocking

This lingerie complement should not be missed. Stockings come in all kinds of styles, from sheer, vintage, lace, or fishnet stockings. Stockings usually have an elastic band around the thighs, while others require a garter belt.

If you’re still unsure, just choose lingerie from lover-beauty that best matches your style and body shape. If you have a bold and confident personality, go for a brocade, lacy, or colorful bustier.

Meanwhile, for brides who are still shy, choosing soft lingerie colors such as pastel or white can make you appear confident and beautiful.