5 Major Influence of Black Culture on the Fashion Industry

5 Major Influence of Black Culture on the Fashion Industry

Black people have been setting trends since the beginning of time. The world at large has taken in on several of these trends; once considered hood and ghetto, they have since been adopted by society and the world at large; from music to fashion and lifestyle.

Speaking exclusively on the influence of black culture in the fashion industry; there are lots of ways that black culture has influenced the fashion culture that we know now; from the fashion language of black rappers with their baggy fits and very large chains, black women from the hood with their colored hairs and extremely long nails, black hairstyles like cornrows, box braids, and so many other major influences. And these have given room for diversity in fashion, allowing you to explore fashion choices as much as you want; clothes, shoes, accessories, and many fashion styles that emerged from black culture are now a desire for many people; there are many clothing stores and fashion houses that you can get these wears from.

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Regarding the influence on black culture in the fashion industry, here are five major influences on the fashion industry from black culture;

1. Hip-Hop and Streetwear 

Hip-Hop contributed vastly to the fashion industry as we know it now and it has influenced many prominent fashion brands; popularized by black entertainers, rappers, and gangsters. Coming from a time where dressing formal and fancy was the mark of significance; black rappers, on the other hand, incorporated baggy sweatshirts, sweatpants, or baggy vests which mostly had bold numbers, images, or words written across them, with baggy pants, tennis shoes, designer sneakers, diamond earrings, gold chains with large symbolic images dangling from them, and baseball caps or bucket hats. Black streets also had youths dressed and hooded up in the mannerism, attitude, and expression of hip-hop artists.

2. Hoop Earrings

As crazy as this might sound, hoop earrings are on the list of very fashionable items that were adopted from black culture. Emerging from the bold and conspicuous style of hood black American women, hoop earrings are now something that fashion brands all over the world have incorporated into their operation. 

3. Sneaker Tradition

Although Sneakers have been in existence since far back, they were only used for sport. The black society, however, created the sneaker culture which incorporated sneakers into outfits for all affairs; from remarkable events to daily events. This explains why the urge to purchase the latest sneakers is always common among black folks. Fashion brands soon increased the rate of their sneakers production and the sneaker norm has since then become a very rampant trend in our society.

4. Colored Hair, Wigs, Hair Extensions, and Sew-in Weaves

African-American women in the hood were popularly known for their desire for Bright and colored hair; red, green, pink, purple and so many other artificial hair colors. They had these colors blended or singled out on wigs, sew-ins, and hair extensions, in different hairstyles. What was once considered ‘rachet’ and ghetto has now become significant in the fashion industry.

5. Bold, Bling, and Scripted Jewelry/ Accessories

The black society is known for its love of bold and scripted things. Big hair clips with shining stones that display words like “black girl magic” or “black girl excellence” along with many others, is a very common trend among black American women. Common in the black society also, is the love of bling and scripted necklaces; which mostly projects the name of the individual wearing it, or other fancy words. Of course, this started also from the hood and has now become a rampant trend in the fashion industry.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that black culture has been influencing the fashion industry and will most likely continue to do so.