Have You Ever Wanted to Be Fashion Clothes Stylist?

Have You Ever Wanted to Be Fashion Clothes Stylist?
Have You Ever Wanted to Be Fashion Clothes Stylist?

Do you have what it takes to become a fashion stylist? Is your fashion sense up to par? Do you think you can create fashionable looks for others? Are you up to date on all new trends?

A fashion stylist career may be a very lucrative job, but it is a bit more complex than just assessing a client’s wardrobe and his or her image. First and foremost a stylist needs to have a passion for fashion. A stylish desire to understand their client, and what tends to make them appear very good. They have to be able to enhance and emphasize the client’s features if need be. A stylist must know what accessories the client should wear about the wardrobe. They must also know what image to create dependent on the personality of the client, shape of the client, and be able to translate that image to what a photographer and or director may want. Some fashion stylists are also known as personal stylists and are often considered image-makers.

Education and Training

Professional stylists are not required to have a formal education. That does not mean that it is not asked for by prospective clients. A fashion design school degree will help the aspirant stylist gain skills through formal education. Clientele prefers a stylist having a strong education on their belt. Fashion design schools offer you an Associate’s degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising. Numerous clients may also call for that the aspirant stylist has field experience. This is not as hard as one may think; several options may work to get that needed expertise.

  • Internships
  • Working as a fashion assistant to a stylist
  • Training programs
  • Entry-level
  • Create a portfolio

Employment and Salary

Most stylist work is freelance. A stylish career can lead you to a variety of places, but the most common places where stylists are found are at video shoots, commercials, movie sets, and photoshoots. Stylists are independent, so it will be up to the aspiring stylist to create their clientele base, which is why referrals from other clients are crucial. Even though not impossible, some stylists are employed by firms. Salaries are varied and this solely relies on practical experience. Whilst an entry-level stylist could get started earning about 100 every day, and expert stylists could earn upwards of 75,000 per year.

The salary is also depending on where you’re employed. Some stylists contemplate relocation due to a lot more employment possibilities. Working in a small town may be good, but to become very successful, a stylist should seek employment in large cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles. A stylist’s workday will never be the same. Becoming a personal stylist is a very rewarding career but it will also be very stressful and demanding due to the very long hours and any form of self-employment can mean you are at the call of your clients. A fashion stylist is a very exciting and lucrative career as long as you have what it takes to be a trendsetter and have the ability to advise your clients.